Why Winter — The best time to complete annual boat maintenance

During the winter months, your mind may be on heating your home or shoveling your driveway, but rarely are you thinking about your boat. It may be tucked away in a garage or safely in storage, so out of sight, out of mind.

However, winter is the time you should be thinking about your boat. The best time to complete annual maintenance is during the colder months when you’re unlikely to put your boat in the water.

During the winter, you aren’t antsy to get your boat back from the service center. This gives the service professionals more time to complete regular maintenance, such as changing the fluids, running a full check, and looking over pumps and gauges. If you allow your maintenance professional the time to complete this work now, you’ll be ready to hit the water when the spring comes.

You also won’t be vying for limited spots in line at your service provider. You can bet when the weather forecast predicts a full day of sun this spring, local service shops will be packed.

Also, don’t forget that your boat is an investment. You spent a lot of time, money and energy to find and maintain the right boat. Take time to ensure your investment stays in ship shape for as long as possible with regular care.

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