When Do You Need to Winterize Your Boat?

Winter is coming and that means that we all need to start thinking about the boat winterization process.

When to Winterize Your Boat

First things first – when is it time to winterize? The short answer – it depends. It’s not a specific date that most people go off of. Rather, the best time to winterize a boat is when the boating season is over and you’re done using it for the remainder of the year. 

Boat Winterization Checklist

When you’re ready to winterize your boat, you can follow this quick and easy winterization checklist to ensure you’re getting everything done properly:

  1. Inspect the boat for damage

    • Before doing anything else, you should remove the boat from the water and thoroughly check it for damage. Look over the entire exterior and interior of the boat, checking for scratches, dents, and other signs of damage. If you find any damage, especially to the hull or engine,  make sure that you address them before proceeding with the winterization process. 
  2. Change the oil and filters

    • Next, take some time to change the oil and filters on board. This will make sure that the old engine oil isn’t sitting all winter and you have fresh filters on board for the boating season ahead. Also take this time to fill the gas tank mostly full and add a stabilizer.
  3. Remove valuables, food, and accessories, etc.

    • Afterwards, spend time going over the boat and removing all unnecessary items. These include food and beverages, swimming accessories, seat cushions, etc. Chances are, you won’t be back on the boat until late spring so make sure you’re not leaving any perishables and valuables on board or items you may need later. 
  4. Clean the boat

    • When you’re ready, make sure to do a deep clean on your boat. Wash down the exterior thoroughly, cleaning off any debris or particles. Then, spend time cleaning all the nooks and crannies inside. Wipe down baseboards and seats, spray off the deck and shampoo it if necessary, and allow everything to dry completely. 
  5. Cover and store the boat

    • Finally, once you’ve completed maintenance on board, you can go ahead and cover/store the boat for the winter. Some people choose to have their boats shrink-wrapped and stored on their property. Others choose to have it professionally stored in an indoor boat storage facility. It’s completely up to you!

Boat Winterization Services

Not sure you want to take on the task of winterizing your boat yourself? No problem! Let Hagadone Marine on Blackwell Island help you with your boat winterization this season.

We can make sure your boat is properly prepared for the winter ahead by fully winterizing it. We can shrink wrap it if you’d like or we can transport it to our fully-secure indoor boat storage facility nearby. We’ll keep an eye on it all winter so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe until next summer comes around.

Want to learn more about boat winterization at Hagadone Marine? Contact us today and let us help you prepare for the season ahead!