Three ways to prevent mildew when storing your boat

Sadly, the sunny days are getting shorter and warm days are becoming rare in north Idaho. After Labor Day, many boaters in the northwest decide to begin readying their boat for winter storage. While there may be a few nice days left this year, in September, the weather starts to get chillier and boaters start to stay indoors.

One of the main problems we hear boaters dealing with is mildew in the boat. When boaters store their boats in an area just slightly too warm or moist, mildew can easily develop. While it is best to store your boat in a safe, professional environment, we’ve developed some tips to help you store your boat in the best way to prevent mildew this winter.

  1. Remove standing water: Check bilges and other storage areas to make sure no standing water is left in the boat. Clean up any water in drawers, wells, coolers or storage areas where water tends to pool during the boating season.
  2. Remove any seasonal gear: These items can gather water or dirt that contribute to mildew.
  3. Leave cushions open to air: Place cushions in a place where they will not trap air or keep stale air trapped, which causes mildew.

Looking for a place to store your boat this summer, or more information on the proper way to commission a boat for winter in the northwest? Contact us today to get started.