Three tips for buying your next wakeboarding and surf equipment

If you’re like the team at Hagadone Marine Group, you’re already dreaming of getting back on the water. Even though the north Idaho weather might be a little dreary this time of year, we’re already looking forward to spring and summer on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

With that, you might start looking to upgrade your wakeboarding and surf equipment for the 2016 season. Now is the time to buy, with the newest models out and available, and last year’s equipment on sale.

Here are our top three tips for buying wakeboarding and surf equipment:

  1. Know what you’re looking for
    Before you go out searching, know what you’re looking for. Are you a wakeboarder looking for the newest gear, or are you just starting to learn?
  2. Know your boat
    Different equipment works better with certain models or makes of boat. Know what you have first, so you can buy compatible gear.
  3. Consult a professional
    There’s a lot of varieties and styles of equipment out there. Our staff is highly trained on what will work best for you, your boat and your ability level. Come on in today to get started.