The Chris Craft is a classic wood boat that withstood the test of time

For nearly a century, the clean lines and utilitarian look of the Chris Craft have been the envy of wooden boat enthusiasts. The mahogany powerboats proved to be an instant classic and interest in the vessels is still going strong today.

In addition to restoration services, the Resort Boat Shop has many classic wooden boats for sale, including a 1938 Chris Craft U-22 for sale through our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho shop ready for any vintage boat aficionados to test drive.

Chris Craft boats are large and give a smooth ride that keep the passengers — and driver — warm and dry. These well-known boats are now collectables for fans of the vessels.

The Chris Craft brand has come to represent six ideals, prescribed by the brand’s founder, Chris Smith. The builders strive for timeless beauty, agile performance, durable dependability, traditional craftsmanship, stylish comfort, exceptional client service and American heritage. After 140 years in the boat building industry, the makers have refined their art.

Interested in taking the 1938 Chris Craft U-22 out for a test drive? Contact us today to get started.