What is included in a winterization service?

A: During the winter in the Inland Northwest, temps can drop well below freezing and stay there for weeks at a time. Those temps can drastically affect a boat sitting in storage and can cause damage to an engine. 

Repair to a freeze-damaged engine can cost as much as $10,000!! Thus, winterization service is necessary to ensure your engine is not damaged during freezing temperatures. The winterization process takes place sometime in the fall once you are done using it for the season. It is necessary to prep your boat before it is shrink wrapped or stored for the long winter ahead.

At Hagadone Marine, we are dedicated to making sure your boat passes through the winterization process with flying colors. We’ll look it over with a fine-tooth comb and make sure all systems are turned off and everything is packed away. The process will also include: 

  • Winterizing your engine, transmission and seawater pumps
  • Fogging/treating the fuel system
  • Disconnecting your battery

It is also a good idea to change your engine and drive oil at this time. Full service packages are available, please contact us for more information.

What is included in a summerization service?

A: The boat summerization service gets your boating season off to a great, trouble-free start. This is typically done in the spring when your boat is first brought out of winter storage, but it can be done anytime before your boat enters the water again. This step is important in boat maintenance because it checks the entire boat’s systems to make sure everything is in working order. 

Investing in boat summerization is a highly recommended. It allows a professional to take a deep dive into your boat and check it for any issues that may arise before you put it in the water for use. At Hagadone Marine Center, we are experts at boat summerization. During the process, our service techs will: 

  • Service batteries (clean terminals, check the fluid level, test and fully charge)
  • Install all drain plugs and hoses (reverse the winterize process)
  • Check all systems for proper operation
  • Run your boat to ensure running condition and operating temperature

If you are interested in learning more about the boat summerization process, please contact us today.

Why do I need both a summerization and a winterization service?

A: The Summerization service reverses the Winterization service and makes your boat safe to operate on the water. The weather is always changing and we always have summer/winter seasons. Unless you are planning to use your boat all year long, you should be thinking about these services. Winterization and Summerization keep your boat in good health and working order all year round.

What is the Ground Mount or Up-Load charge I see on my storage invoice?

A: A Ground Mount or Up-Load fee is charged for boats that do not have their own trailer. This fee covers the cost of the use of the shop trailer. It also covers the labor and materials required to remove the boat from our shop trailer and mount it on stands for the duration of storage. These fees are assessed both in the winter and spring. Spring ground mount is simply the reverse of the winter service.

What is the Shop Supply fee on my invoice?

A: Shop supply fees cover all the items and supplies used to service your boat that are not listed under parts. These include basic cleaning products, lubricants, small hardware, shop towels, sealants, etc.

Who should I talk to about Warranty on my boat or engine?

A: Please contact Cheryl Carff, Warranty Manager, at the Hagadone Marine Center for information regarding your boat or engine warranty.
ccarff@hagadonemarine.com 208.664.8274

Who do I talk to about boat slips at Blackwell Island Marina, Boardwalk Marina or Silver Beach Marina?

A:Emily Arthurs, Moorage Manager
earthurs@hagadonemarine.com 208.664.7224