Regal vs. Cobalt – How to Choose the Right One for You

Regal and Cobalt boats are champions of luxury boats. These manufacturers craft timeless designs with premier add-ons to deliver a superior boating experience. When choosing a boat that will be the beacon of your on-the-water activities, you’ll find that both manufacturers have created marine masterpieces. But you’re probably wondering, which one is right for you?

Both Regal and Cobalt have a rich history in building premier boats and each has unique advantages. Choosing the right one for you will depend on your preferences.

Cobalt Boats

Established in 1968, the Cobalt team strives to craft the most innovative, well-engineered, and best performing boats imaginable. With an eye for design, quality, the little details, fit, and finish, Cobalt boats have been called the Rolls Royce of boats. 

With more than four decades of boat building experience, Cobalt consistently develops boats that excite boaters and improve their boating experience. They cleverly balance hand craftsmanship and technological advances to deliver the most innovative, well-appointed, stylish, and best-built boats ever. Their goal? Compromise nothing.

Regal Boats

Regal Marine Industries was established in 1969 by Paul and Carol Kuck. After an initial setback in 1973 during the energy crisis, Regal pursued a vision for a new world-class luxury boat. With God’s help and a lot of determination, the Kucks reinvented innovation and customer service. Today, Regal boats define craftsmanship and customer service while following their philosophy based on faith and stewardship. 

Cobalt vs Regal Boats – The Exterior

Cobalt’s hulls last a lifetime. Unlike other companies, Cobalt doesn’t use machine placed fiberglass on the hull. Instead, they hand lay 16 layers of overlapping fiberglass with a proprietary Z-Thane barrier coat. Cobalt’s hulls are less likely to blister and peel as a result.

Regal’s hulls are designed for speed. The patented FasTrack specifically reduces drag and friction while increasing overall performance levels. This has earned Regal plenty of industry awards. 

The Interiors of Regal and Cobalt

Cobalt’s superior attention to detail balances beauty and function. Timeless sophistication is at the heart of every Cobalt boat. The cozy interior of all Cobalt boats is designed to survive the test of time. It’s very unlikely that you’ll need to reupholster your Cobalt boat over the years. If you take care of your Cobalts interior, it will take care of you and your family in return, 

On the other hand, if you prioritize versatility from your boat’s interior, you’ll love Regal’s UltraLounge seating options. The UltraLounge is a reserved lounge and backrest that provides 6 adjustable seating positions, from upright all the way down to a bed.


Regal and Cobalt go toe-to-toe on pricing. Though historically, Cobalt prices themselves toward the top of the bracket. Regal targets mid-tier customers with their pricing. However, the price of a Cobalt boat depreciates very slowly over time, meaning you’ll have a high resale or trade-in value on your boat later if you ever feel like upgrading. 


Cobalt seats are wide and comfortable but their layouts do not always give you a lot of room to move around. 

Regal boats feel like a palace on the inside with all of the room to move around and oversized seats. This is deliberate. The boating cockpit of any Regal boat is specifically designed for comfort and ease without feeling cramped and closed off. The seating layouts offer vast space and storage. Riders can easily lounge around while others ride the wake.


The Cobalt Swimming Experience

If you’re taking a dip into the water, Cobalt is dedicated to creating a great swimming experience. Cobalt offers large, welcoming, and safe platforms that are suspended to just above the waterline, making them very swimmer-friendly.

Around the edge of the Cobalt boats, you’ll find polished, stainless steel tubing wraps. These protect the boat around docks and make it easy for swimmers to climb back on the boat. Some of Cobalt’s models have a swim platform that will literally lower into the water whereas Regal does not. Regal’s swim platforms are more standardized.

Surfing & Wakeboarding with Regal Boats

Wakeboarders and surfers love Regal’s innovative surf system. Regal’s surf system boasts a display with left and right surf tab controls. These direct the rider to the correct side of the boat by flashing the corresponding brake lights. With customizable speed settings, this system is ideal for any water sports activity. 

Hagadone Marine Group

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