Why Are Pontoon Boats Great for Families?

If you’re thinking of renting or purchasing a pontoon boat this summer, then you’ve chosen a good one. Pontoon boats are fun for everyone, especially for families looking to have a blast while also staying safe with little ones. Below, we’ll dive into the pontoon boat and what makes it the perfect fit for your family.

Pontoon Boats – Family Fun on the Lake

Pontoon boats have long been considered fun boats, especially for families. Why? Because they have lots of space on them for your family to lounge and play while cruising on the water. Looking to have the next family outing on the water? A pontoon boat is the perfect watercraft for it.

Family Friendly Pontoon Features

Pontoon boats are flat boats with toons underneath them to help keep them afloat. Their features include:

  • A wide variety of lengths. Whether you’re looking for a boat big enough for 8 people, or a boat big enough for 18, pontoons come in a variety of lengths depending on your needs.
  • Lots of storage and plenty of open space. This means that you won’t have to worry about where to stash all of your beach towels and picnic supplies, just lift up a seat cushion and pack everything neatly away. No more tripping on everything!
  • Unique seating options. Unlike other boats, pontoons commonly feature benches, couches, recliners, and some even have tables and chairs on them for meals. And the best part of all: their layouts are completely customizable depending on your family’s needs.
  • Removable shades and awnings. These can be extremely useful when the sun starts beating down in the afternoon. If you and your family need some shade to take a break from the heat, just open up the awning and voila! Shade covers the entire deck.

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Pontoons Are Safe and Secure

Along with their large decks and open floor plans, pontoon boats are also very safe and secure. No more worrying about your children falling overboard. This is because the pontoon boat has locking gates on it that require you to lift them up and then pull them out. This way, little wandering fingers can’t accidently sneak away when you’re not looking. Pontoons also have high sides on it, offering peace of mind for toddlers that might try to climb. These two features alone essentially make it a playpen on water.

Pontoon Boat Manufacturers

So who makes these pontoon boats? A lot of companies! There are many pontoon boat manufacturers around, but some names you may recognize are Harris pontoon boats, as well as Bennington, Premier, and more. If your interested in comparing a few of these options check out our blog on Harris Pontoon Boats vs Bennington Boats.

Pontoon boats are made by so many companies, so that means that there are many different styles and models. Whether you’re looking for a luxury pontoon boat or something gently used, there is bound to be the perfect one for you out there.

Get Your Own Family Pontoon Boat!

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