Dave and I wanted to reach out to you and give extra credit to one of your dock hands, Ryan. We just bought a 1971 sealander house boat down in Boise and we love it! Unfortunately, parts are near impossible to find. So when we dropped our one-of-a-kind gas cap in the water yesterday we were about in tears, duck taping the best makeshift cap for our "new" boat. We were in luck when Ryan came along to save the day!! He offered to dive the next day when there was better light, before his shift, to

Genevieve and Dave

Chris has been amazing, top notch. Goes out of his way to try to make my experience the best. He makes time for me even if he is not working that day. Always available. Put up with my stupid questions, and indecisiveness. Super guy and if I buy a boat, I won’t go anywhere else. This guy is a keeper, and should be looked at for management or even up into Regional rep……great guy.

Daniel D.

I was on Priest Lake this past weekend in Saturday. My carb on my 1936 CC was boiling fuel all over. Called Randy asked what to do. He said run her up to 1,500 RPM's and tap on the carb it will clear up, just some dirt in the needle seat. Well it worked! My Labor Day weekend was saved. Thanks to the great service and knowledge of Randy Davis.

Daryl Reynolds

Our new boat was delivered when promised, Todd the delivery expert, gave us an amazing review of the boat from bow to stern and everyone at Hagadone was helpful and went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience! This is a very professional team, not high pressured at all and they listened to what we wanted. We highly recommend Hagadone and Bret O'Brien and his team.

Tim and Doreen M.

My wife and I visited Hagadone Marine and met with their salesman Bret O'Brien. We explained that we wanted to get back into boating and wanted a turn key solution. Bret exceeded all our expectations and we bought a beautiful new Cobalt, with a slip at the boardwalk, winterize and summarize included and inside storage for the winter! Absolutely exactly what we wanted! No hassle pricing was given and we bought within an hour after viewing many in stock options.

Tim and Doreen M.

Great Job! I have to tell you I have been extremely pleased with the whole Hagadone outfit. Scott did an awesome job from start to finish. He went above and beyond what I would have expected and in a timely manner, Laura got us a slip at the last minute and was truly a pleasure to deal with and Matt was kind enough to call after repairs to give me an update and maintenance tip for the sump pump. First class all the way ! You have built an outstanding team and have a new life long customer.

Thomas & Lisa

I picked up my new boat over two weeks ago and absolutely love it! The Del Mar capyain's chair and Sea Grass carpeting was a great addition. We are the envy of our friends at the smaller lakes in the Bend area. Thank you very much. You certainly manufature a great product. In addition, you are represented by superior dealers. The delivery of our boat by the folks at Hagadone Marine Group was very professional. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the instruction and the care that was provided. The experience exceeded my expectations. Best Regards, Howard Koff

Howard Koff

Dear Craig, I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for all the assistance you provided to my Mother and me in helping to transport her to her home in Casco bay. Greg hart was simply outstanding. He was very helpful, patient, and attentive. Greg is an asset to your organization. As the years pass, it becomes more and more challenging to help my Mother make the move to her beloved summer home, even if it is for only two to three weeks a year. I really appreciate your efforts to help me out. Please convey my thanks once again to Greg.

John F. Magnuson

From the beginning Jane and I have been very satisfied and excited with the whole process. Cobalt Working with us on colors and options, Alex spending a lot of time with Jane and I at the Boat show with his knowledge on this boat. Everyone at the Hagadone Group has kept us informed and up to date on info and status of our purchase. Brett has gone way overboard through the whole process. Yesterday at delivery was the icing on the cake. Todd came in on his day off and worked almost 3 hours with us going through the whole boat stem to stern. I feel bad because I thought I was the captain of our boat and after seeing the excitement with Jane I think I have lost a stripe. So be it. Brett then spent great time going through the Cobalt 336 bag. Craig our experience and friendship does not get any better than this. Looking back when we left last night it looks great in slip YD3. Thanks to you and all the people at Hagadone Marine.

John & Jane Tompkins

We really appreciate the time you spent with us. I know most dealers wouldn't have taken the time to drive 3 boats with us but it was extremely helpful. Christie is very happy with the boat and thinks this all worked out for the best because nobody else would have spent this time and we wouldn't have ended up with the 220, which quite frankly, was the best boat for us by a large margin.

Mike Fitzmaurice

This crew are always friendly, professional and go beyond what is expected of good service. We have a small runabout that we winterize and summerize each season. And each time we’re treated as if we had a huge yacht. It’s the extra little stuff that sets Hagadone Marine Group apart from the competition.

Pat Powers

It's always a pleasure to do business with this company. All of the extra efforts, perks, and personalized attention they extend are over the top.

Rosemary McDougall

Hi Paul and Mike, Thank you very much for helping us out with our entry into the boating world. This last Saturday with Todd's help we cleaned out our Toon and longed for the days of summer as we were doing it. However we do like skiing so we will enjoy that first. My wife was very pleased where the Toon will be stored and Todd did a wonderful job in accommodating us. We look forward to next season. Thank you again and have a great winter.

Eloy Estudillo

Craig and Paul, Just wanted to drop you guys a note of appreciation from me & Rosemary. We love our "new" 2006 Cobalt 263 and so much appreciate all of the time and assistance from you and your staff. Also---your 2008 raft up appeared to be a great success and was very much enjoyed by all of our family attending. In summary, it's always a pleasure to do business with you. All of the extra efforts, perks, and personalized attention that you and your company extend are over the top! p.s.: Rosemary sends a big "thanks to Paul" for the beautiful flowers that were waiting for her when we returned home the day we took delivery of the 263.

Rob & Rosemary McDougall

Just wanted to express my thanks for the great service and professionalism we've received from Bret O'Brien. He has excellent follow up, great customer service skills and is very knowledgeable. The weather this weekend wasn't warm for our test drive, but the boat was everything we expected (solid and quick!) and we had fun at the resort. We are excited to get our new Cobalt in the water next month. After the disappointing experience we had this past winter with our previous boat it was a real pleasure to work with your team and especially Bret. Have a great season!

Dean Feldmeier

Just keep building great boats and have awesome customer service. We will never buy any other brand of boat. We love our Cobalt boat. Our local dealer is the best there is and truly knows the meaning of Customer Service.

Wayne Robinson

We recently purchased a new 212 from Paul Nielsen at the Hagadone Marine Center after over 12 years of being loyal Sea Ray owners. I must relay that the purchase experience was the most pleasant I have ever had. The professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge Paul displayed made our final decision simple. What really impressed us was after the sale when Paul took time out of his busy schedule to personally train our 21 year old son on the boat's features and operation. You couldn't have a better person heading your north Idaho operations. As for the boat, my only regret is that I didn't make the switch to Cobalt years sooner. Thank you for an excellent product and superb people.

Robert & Cheryl Swedo

We visited the Boardwalk Marina to rent a boat for several hours and also dined at Beverly’s Restaurant for dinner. The staff at both of these service locations were amazing! At the Marina, your Dock Master Tony, took wonderful care of us, even though he was not on location, he answered questions and was friendly and very informative in every aspect. They remained very patient and cheerful towards us even with our numerous questions. They were truly happy to help us and seemed to enjoy their jobs.

Nathan Hohenstreet

Normally, we're communicating about this or that that needs to be done...getting boats out of the water, back into the water, repairs, maintenance, etc.I just wanted to let you know how much it all means to me and our family! We really enjoy boating...it means recreation and spending time together with our family and friends. You guys make this possible, with your great products and services. We feel safe knowing the boats are well made, and well maintained, and we LOVE how good they look when they are nicely detailed every year. It's not just the boats. It's about what boating adds to our lives, with our friends and family.

Ed Schweitzer

My family and I were at Coeur d'Alene Lake last week and our boat developed some problems. We brought it up to the Hagadone Marine Center. The first day Mike Lovstrom was very helpful and accommodating. He suggested changing the rotor and distributor cap which we did. Problem wasn't solved but we definitely needed a new cap and rotor (ours was very corroded). The next day I limped the boat back up to your shop, a mechanic loaned me a pressure gauge to check the fuel injector pressure , it was low which pointed to the high pressure injector pump. Vic Baynard was very helpful, despite the fact that the entire service department was very busy, everyone was very nice and helpful. We are back in Colorado Springs now and I pulled the injector apart and just as Vic suspected, the injector pump filter was totally clogged. Thanks to you folks the boat should be running soon. Thank you very much for all the help.

Bob Greensides

Kerry, Mike, Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work to get us back on the lake in less than 4 hours after discussing my prop bending episode with you. I expected that you’d have the parts in stock, but didn’t expect to get such fast service, 50 miles out of town on a Saturday. I really appreciate Dave’s quick and professional work. As you have from the start of our boating experience, your service has been spectacular. Especially when I’m committing rookie mistakes… Thanks again for the superb service.

Steve Temple

We have had a fantastic summer! The Cobalt 232 is one of our best investments and we truly enjoy having the boat slip at Silver Beach. Everyone at the Hagadone Marine Center has been extremely pleasant and helpful. We have about 60 hours currently. We hope to top 100hrs before the season ends. I'm looking at the Cobalt 323 and Jane thinks it maybe a great idea, not for a couple of years or maybe after the sale of the condo! But it will be difficult to let go the 232! Thanks for encouraging us to purchase a Cobalt; we get a lot of compliments not to mention the constant staring!

Jane Davis

The Ducote family would like to say "Thank You" to the staff at the Hagadone Marine Center. In May of 2005 at the Resort Boat Show, we purchased our 1st boat a Cobalt 255. Since that day we have been overwhelmed with amazing service from the Hagadone Marine Center personnel in both the sales and services departments. The activities from the North Pole cruises, wash and dunk, women making waves, raft up party, boat shows to the demos show how much the Hagadone Marine Group values its customers. We especially appreciate Greg Hart our salesman who has always and continues to go above and beyond for our family to ensure that each boating season is better than the last. We no longer consider him our salesman he has become a great friend. He’s a friend that will answer all of my absurd boating questions. Now, we sit and anxiously wait the approaching of our 3rd season on our Cobalt. Our family and friends have thoroughly enjoyed every moment that we’ve spent on Coeur d’Alene Lake in our Cobalt. Everyone that has been aboard our boat has been impressed by its comfort, performance and handling (even with me driving). We highly recommend Greg and the Hagadone Marine Center staff to all of our friends and family. Once again thank you dearly for your continued and outstanding services. Sincerely,Happy Cobalt Owners

Darren, Roby, Eryn, Griffen, & Brennen Ducote

Thank you so much for the wonderful Cobalt gifts for Gracie! She will look so cute in them. Your company is so thoughtful to think of us, and Gracie can’t wait to go boating this summer on our new boat. We are glad to be part of the Cobalt family! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jenny, Gracie, and the Legg Family

My family recently purchased a Cobalt boat from the Hagadone Marine Center. What a delightful surprise I had when a beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to our home! Although, I have not lived in the area since 1971 I have spent all but two summers on the lake because I love this area. Many of the changes over the years have been made by you, changes that have improved Coeur d’Alene and kept a vitality here that other places are lacking. Your high standards are appreciated. Thank you for the flowers and all you do for the place so many of us cherish.?

Katie McLellan

I wanted to let you know that it was and has been a great pleasure to have bought my boat from you in particular. Your professionalism was a true treat and the only thing negative I can say is that I love my boat so much it'll be some time before I buy another--if and when I am looking forward to dealing with you--hope the folks you work with appreciate your efforts as much as customers! See you next year,


I have purchased two Cobalt boats over the last 5-years and have done so for two very important reasons. First my wife and I love our Cobalt, but more importantly we would frankly have purchased any boat that was to be serviced by both Craig and Rick in your Service department. ??Naturally, we were concerned when the ownership changed hands, but I have seen the same great service from Craig and Rick that I had grown to expect over these last five years.?? My family spends most of the off season in California and we, therefore, tend to be a bit impatient and concerned that our summers go smoothly for our many friends that come to visit. There is no doubt in my mind that if I have a problem either Craig or Rick will come to my aid and for that reason alone we will continue to do business with Hagadone Marine Center.? Thank you so very much for recognizing their value to Hagadone Marine Center and permitting this fine business to continue in the manner it has at least since my family has been in Coeur d’Alene. Because of your fine Service department, rest assured our next purchase will be from the Hagadone Marine Center!

Kirk Evans

We have taken delivery of our new Cobalt 263. It’s a beautiful boat that performs superbly! I wanted to thank you for your assistance on conveying our new Cobalt to us in a convenient and timely manner. I also enjoyed working with Craig, who led us through the boat buying process. He is a great guy who made our Cobalt buying experience fun and easy.

H. James Magnuson

I have received great service from Hagadone Marine Center over the 10 years I've had my Cobalt. On the July 4th weekend you went above and beyond the call of duty. My daughter and I were preparing to dock at the resort on our way to Hudson's for lunch on Sunday, July 2,2006. Approaching the only spot available near the west side floating dock ramp, I experienced rapid forward acceleration when I reversed the throttle. We glanced off the dock and were headed toward an apparent crash into the concrete wall. I was able to steer the boat under the embarkation ramp narrowly avoiding disaster. A Hagadone Marine staff member was on the ramp and calling to us to offer help. He was starting his lunch break and decided to walk the boardwalk. We repeatedly turned on-shut off the engine and "walked" the boat back to the Resort Marina. He caught our boat and called the Hagadone Marine Center to see if a mechanic was on duty. He took our keys and ran the boat to the Hagadone Marine Center while my daughter and I went to Hudsons. We exchanged cell phone messages and he met us at the Resort after our lunches and gave us the keys to our repaired boat. Kerry took care of us including a cleaning of the side of the boat disfigured by our glance off the dock. Another great reason to buy your boat from the people who are on the lake to help you when you need it.

Bob Behm

The Hagadone Marine Center bends over backwards; They know who I am and what boat I have and totally takes care of me. I am in the customer service industry and they are top notch. They call me about the raft-up on the lake and the Christmas cruise they put on for the owners of the boat. Thank you for the craftsmanship and the best towboat in the world.

Bill LaVigne

I recently purchased an '06 Malibu Sunsetter XTi from the Hagadone Marine Center. This most recent experience was handled in a personal yet professional manner. I appreciate your team's follow through, they are an asset to the organization.

Jeff Taylor

With Todd's expert coaching we made it back into the slip with no problem. Many thanks for your checkout and making it a special day for us both. Great to be a new member of the Hagadone Marine Center family and looking forward to spending some fun time with Kerry. Peter & Sarah

Peter & Sarah

Interactions with Hagadone Marine and Craig Brosenne are great. They are straight forward and sincere, not to mention put in great effort and are very responsive. That is a big selling point on your shop versus one here in Phoenix or in CA.

Eric R. Brown

This letter is in reference to the excellent service we have experienced from Bret O'Brien. My husband and I feel very fortunate to have connected with him regarding the purchase of our Cobalt. We feel the Hagadone Marine Center is lucky to have him as part of their team. What sets Bret apart from the average sales executives is his unwavering positive attitude coupled with a calm demeanor and willingness to handle every aspect to make his customer fully satisfied. He goes above and beyond the norm in assuring a customer has every anticipated, and most importantly, unanticipated needs met. My husband and I feel we are a good representation of the sales, and customer care industry, as we both have had lengthy careers in sales and marketing ourselves. Fortunately we hooked up with Bret who not only met our needs but went beyond. He seems to really love what he does. Our experience, overall, with the Hagadone Marine Center has been terrific. We look forward to a continued relationship.

Sam and Wendy Wallin

Once again, thank you for your great personal service and the wonderful stay at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. In addition to the boat service and improvements you made we had a wonderful time on and off the lake. What a great experience. The Hagadone Marine Center is the greatest! We love our Cobalt. We'll look forward to seeing more Cobalts on Payette Lake.

John and Linda Arant

The Great Pirate Raft Up was truly a blast! Hagadone Marine Center continues to be in a class of their own by providing such fun activities as this for their boating enthusiast customer's...Thank you!

David Wyatt

I just want to take a moment to say thank you. Last night we had some guests out on our 07’ Malibu, we were “surfing” in Squaw Bay when the main water hose blew. Stuck in the middle of the lake(6:00pm). I called the Hagadone Marine Center, Kerry Blettner answers, he grabs a hose and is out to help us in a matter a minutes. We truly feel like we are part of “The Family”, service above and beyond! Please thank Kerry again for us…. He was a life saver.

Steve Simisky

The Hagadone Marine Center Service Department is always responsive to our service requests. And Rick Kaufman continues to provide timely, courteous, and excellent service. He is a true professional and we are thankful that he can continue to service our boat.

Albert (Al) F. Noonan

I wanted to send a note to express my thanks to you and your entire staff regarding my purchase experience and the great service I received from your dealership. This past August, I purchased a new 2010 Cobalt 276. Your sales manager, Paul, was very patient and took his time as we looked at 2 other boats before selecting the Cobalt 276. Since completing the sales, the attention to all my requests has been met to the fullest. Todd, your new boat delivery person, did an excellent job of answering all my questions and addressed all my concerns. It is easy to see why you have received the Excellence Award for the Top 100 marine Dealers in this country. It is always a pleasure to do business with people who not only understand customer service, but deliver it in a professional manner. Please accept my thanks for a truly excellent overall purchase experience. Please continue your outstanding customer service and attention to detail as it will be your key to success in the coming years.

Shannon Alfonso

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and for bringing the boat to us. You have showed us what a great place the Hagadone Marine Center is. We look forward to our new boat and future dealings with you. Deb says thank you too for the goody bag, it was very thoughtful of you. Thanks again for enjoyable purchasing experience.

Mike & Deb Wallace

Thanks for jumping in and helping us out with the sale of the Cobalt my friend. Much appreciated!!! Your team is awesome and please pass along to Greg, Paul, James, Jami and the rest of the crew that we will dearly miss you all this summer.

Don Breidenbach

My family has been a customer of the Hagadone Marine Center for 30+ years. (Copsey/Ponti family on L dock) We want to compliment your staff for the outstanding service they have given us in the past few years and especially this year. We requested our boat be ready and in our slip for Memorial wWeekend. We live in Casco Bay and must access our property by boat. Because of the high water and the flooded road to L dock we were unable to use our slip. The staff moved our boat to E dock and accommodated us very well. We were very pleased with the preparation of the boat the service we received from James, Ashley and the rest of the Hagadone Marine Center staff.

Cris and Jim Ponti

I really appreciate all you, Kerry, Todd, Jamie and the others have done to make this a very enjoyable and positive boat buying experience. Hagadone Marine Center is Top Notch and does make their customers feel like they are part of the Cobalt Family. Thanks again, I will reach out to you if I have any questions.

Dan Napoleone

Thank you. I appreciate your help. I love your attention to detail and passion for boats. I see why your marina does so well.

Mike Gray, Gray Investments Inc

I wanted to say thank you for making it so easy to get our Cobalt Boat yesterday. To Ashley, James and the entire staff at Hagadone Marine Center, thank you.

Rick Small

I just wanted to say the team at the Hagadone Marine Center has done an excellent job for us on all our boats throughout the years. When it was finally time to trade in and up their sales staff crunched the numbers and worked with our goals to find an excellent solution. The service team worked through some shipping errors with the manufacturer to ensure that our new boat was completed and ready to play on in time for the summer. Thanks guys.

Cameron Barclift

Everything was perfect. The detail work was awesome and the boat drives perfectly....except for the little electrical mishap the other day, which seems to be ok now. Thanks again and we'll get the speedometer fixed later. I'll tell Duane later this week when we see him that you guys are doing an awesome job! Can't wait to see the new marina! Next summer?

Craig Ball

I want to thank everyone at Hagadone Marine, especially James and Todd for the extra effort to get our boat off the water and safely back to CDA last week. It is this level of service that sets you guys apart!

Rick Small

Thank you for accommodating us at Silver Beach Marina this summer. We are interested in mooring there in the spring. And wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the friendly atmosphere at the Marina.

Linda Ramharter

We've had a wonderful summer at Silver Beach, and appreciate all that Jim and his team does to keep everything running! We can't wait to get back in the Marina next year.

Mike & Debbie Standley

I am currently the proud owner of 2 Regal boats a 2200 RX which I bought new from Pines Service in Prince Albert Sask. Canada and a 2010 Regal 3060 which we bought in September from Hagadone Marine Center in Coeur d'Alene, ID. First, my experience with Hagadone was first class and my salesman Greg Hart was unbelievable. With today's technology we were able to make this deal without me having to go 1200 miles to see the boat. I did hire a Marine Surveyor to inspect the boat and when he called me that evening and said "Brian, your boat is beautiful" and then went on to say how impressed he is with Regal well that was the final piece. We made the deal end of September and Hagadone delivered the boat to me at Kelowna BC, Canada where we have our summer home. Greg contacted my marina and made all of the arrangements for the boats delivery. My only concern was, how do I drive a boat this big remember I'm graduating from a 2200 RX I now have a galley and a head. Greg laughed when I told him and then he went to work, he called Regal to see if they had a tutorial of some sort that would walk a customer thru their new boat, Regal didn't and that is my suggestion I think that would be a great idea. With today's technology you could even set it up as a link which your dealer would provide to the customer or an app for their telephone so you could be on your boat and contact the Regal Tutorial site at anytime . How did Greg help me with my concern, he drove 6 1/2 hours and met us at our new boat and spent the better part of a day going over everything and then we took it out for a spin, my wife said "You smiled the whole time you were driving". Also, my marina was so impressed with the service we received and they told us later that Greg was there well before us so he could spruce things up a bit before we got there. First Class service for a First Class boat. Just wanted to share with you what a great experience I had with Greg and Hagadone Marine Group.

Brian Einarson

I just wanted to thank you both for such an awesome experience buying my first brand new boat. I really felt pampered. You guys really made purchasing this boat easy and I always felt comfortable working with you. I hope you both are still around when it comes time to upgrade.

Ben Steckman

Jim, on behalf of the Maverick Yacht Club and myself, I'd like to thank you. Your care and concern for our comfort along with your personal service was above and beyond. Many Thanks, Randy A. Commodore Extraordinaire.

Randy A. Commodore Extraordinaire

Craig G., It is difficult for us to put into words how much we appreciate the professional courtesies you recently extended to us. We both send you our heartfelt THANKS. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you & eventually having the Hagadone Marine Center servicing all of our boating needs. Sincerely, John & Sandy Beaunaux

John & Sandy Beaunaux

The staff at the marina have always provided wonderful service-- but I wanted to bring to your attention a level of service that was truly remarkable and merits special recognition...The staff held themselves accountable for the repairs and took responsibility for assuring that the boat was returned to us in good working order. They did "the right thing" - And did it willingly. The staff deserves to be commended. They are a great credit to your organization. I would like to single out a few for special recognition: Mr. James Barnhart; Mr. Craig Brosenne. Ms. Ashley Ross; Mr. Vic Bainard; and Mr. Rick Kaufman. They were just part of the "team effort" on our behalf. It is a pleasure doing business with your organization.

David Meyer

Hi James, Thank you very much for all your help. You definitely have a very thorough team and I appreciate the time you have taken to to look after Lori's and my boat. Cheers, Andre Giesbers

Andre Giesbers

I have contracted with Hagadone Marine since 1993 and have enjoyed the good service and quality of facilities. This year, I felt compelled to express my appreciation for several employees at the Hagadone Marine Center. Ashley and Todd are always friendly and helpful. Todd has each year been especially helpful in assisting with putting my boat in and taking it out of the water. Way above normal expectations. I also want to express my appreciation to Craig this past week. I had a water problem and he went above and beyond, during this busy time to solve the problem. He is great!! These employees will keep my business coming to Hagadone Marine. I have been a customer for 20 years and plan to be for many more. - Gary Livingston

Gary A. Livingston

Paul & James, We wanted to send you both a follow-up e-mail on our most recent purchase and delivery of our new 232 Cobalt. Without question this has been the most outstanding buying experience we have been involved with ! Paul, from our first phone conversation and follow up conversations with Bret. Meeting all of your team in March, the test drive with Bret, the business piece with Doreen, reviewing the slip with Tony and the stay at the resort was awesome. Fast forward to Monday and James the delivery by Todd and the slip install by Tony was the BEST ! You guys have put together a very fine team and your approach to customer satisfaction is first class. We sincerely appreciate the way we have been treated and wish your team the very best. Sincerely, Pat & Caryl Williams

Pat & Caryl Williams

Matt: Thank you for the extra effort you have made on our behalf. We appreciate you and your support. You are a credit to Hagadone Marine.

Jim & Gail Hawkins

As a brand new boat owner and summer renter in Coeur d'Alene, I just wanted to tell you our boat and slip purchase experience this spring with your marine group has been outstanding. From first talking with Paul while in Arizona back in the fall, then the seamless hand off to Bret, the financial piece with Doreen, the delivery by Todd and the slip magician Tony, it has been awesome. All of these individuals have displayed true professionalism, knowledge of their job and their role on the team. You have put together an excellent staff and I am sure very proud of them!

Pat & Caryl Williams