Indoor Boat Storage vs. Outdoor – The Hagadone Experience

Now that it’s winter, many boat owners are searching for storage for their boats until spring. With their search comes a common question- what is the difference between indoor boat storage and outdoor storage?

To discover the difference between indoor boat storage and outdoor storage, as well as which is better, keep reading below!

What is outdoor storage?

Outdoor storage is the budget-friendly storage option for boaters that don’t mind leaving their property exposed for long periods of time. The options for outdoor boat storage include self-storage facilities, marinas, and trailers parked on private property. 

Outdoor self-storage is a very popular option among boat owners but it comes with its own set of pros and cons that you should carefully consider before choosing this option. Below are a few of those pros and cons. 


Outdoor self-storage is the most affordable storage option available. You can either keep the boat on your own property or place it on a business’ property for safekeeping until spring.

With this storage option, you’re also able to keep an eye on your boat because it’s outside where you can see it.


With outdoor storage comes the potential for damage due to extreme weather. Even if your boat is covered, it is still at risk of damage from rain, snow, high winds, and sun exposure. 

Additionally, storing a boat outside means that security is limited. Even with cameras set up, there is still the risk of theft.

What is indoor boat storage?

Indoor boat storage is a great storage option for boat owners looking for added protection over the winter. While it can be more expensive on the front end, it is the best option for owners if they are able to pay for it. Some of the pros and cons include:


Indoor storage means that your boat will be protected from the elements for the duration of winter. 

With indoor boat storage, you also don’t have to worry about security because the space is typically locked with only authorized personnel allowed inside.


The price is definitely higher than outdoor storage, but with the added benefits, it’s more than worth it.

Which is better?

The answer to that question depends. What are you looking for in your storage package? Are you okay with the potential damage that outdoor storage entails, or are you looking for full service protection throughout the winter months? Your answer will determine which is a better option for you.

The Hagadone Experience

If you’ve decided that indoor boat storage is the right option for your boat this winter season, then look no further than Hagadone Marine on Blackwell Island. We offer a one-of-a-kind storage option that we’ve named “the Hagadone Experience.” You will receive free transportation to and from storage, dry indoor space, 24/7 security, unlimited access, and more. Sound amazing? That’s because it is!

Are you ready to take advantage of the best indoor boat treatment on the market? If so, give us a call today!