Hagadone Marine on the Cobalt R7

At Hagadone Marine, we’re always excited to see what some of our favorite boat manufacturers come up with each year, and how they improve on designs we already love. Each year, we wait so see what the best boats of 2015 will be, and this year, we’ve already decided on one of our favorites.

The team at Cobalt has always worked magic in our eyes, building and designing boats that have vast storage, comfortable seating and innovative style.

But this year, we’re ranking the Cobalt R7 as one of the best boats we’ve seen. We got so excited about it, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite features for you!

  1. Storage
    Like Anchor Man Criag Brosenne said, that’s a lot of gum! Just think of what else you could store in there — besides some delicious turkey sandwiches, of course.
    In addition to the glove box, there’s a lot of additional space on this boat for storage, with places to keep water toys, sports equipment and sunscreen (LINK to blog on summer safety).
  2. Power
    Mr. Brosenne is right — that horse has nothing on the R7! With 430 horsepower, why would you want anything else? That’s perfect for towing water athletes, zipping across the lake or enjoying a float in on of north Idaho’s many bays, the engine is perfect. The selections come with either a MerCruiser or Volvo Penta power selection, with up to 430-horse power.
  3. Space
    At more than 27 feet long, the R7 has plenty of space for any instrument — or a group of friends and family! The interior cockpit, at 95 inches, is plenty spacious, with seating to accommodate large groups.

We’re excited about the new addition to the Cobalt family, and we have many more features to showcase. Contact a Hagadone Marine team member today for a full tour and experience.