Hagadone Marine Group is Awarded BEST Website in Industry


“This is huge news – out of 200 dealers, we won THE Best Website!” Says Hagadone Marine Group President Craig Brosenne. The truth is, this is an amazing honor for Hagadone Marine Group to have received. There were over 200 dealers in attendance at the 2021 National Malibu Dealer Meeting Awards. Representatives from each of these dealerships totaled over 500 people.

The “Dealer Meetings” as they are known, are annual meetings hosted by boat brands so they can invite their dealerships to attend, allowing representatives to check out new boat models, receive sales training, network with other dealers, and more! One of the favorite events during the week is Awards Night. This evening consists of a dinner for all the dealers to attend together. As the name suggests, this is also an evening for the brand to announce the winners of various awards, both Sales and Marketing Awards. Out of the six marketing awards offered by Malibu, Hagadone Marine Group won the best website! The award-winning website was launched in December 2020 with the help of many talented team members. 

Hagadone Technology (HTECH) played a huge role in the development of the website and in raising the bar for the Marine Group’s online presence. This is due mainly to Judd Jones and his talented team of developers. HTECH worked closely with our international marketing team for months on end to complete this project. Once the website was launched in December the team spent a few more months perfecting everything. “Whether it was updating the inventory page, or adding in new website plug-ins, Judd’s team knew the answer to all of our questions and helped put the finishing touches on the site,” says Brosenne. The award received at the National Malibu Marketing Awards is a huge honor for this talented team and can now be added to their line-up of impressive work.

Another instrumental team in regards to relaunching the website was the Hagadone Media and Creative (HMAC). Clint Schroeder and his digital specialists provided new digital strategies to improve Hagadone Marine’s web presence. In comparing the two websites, new to old, the amount of interest had increased exponentially. HMAC has also helped to build powerful Facebook Ad Campaigns which have in turn resulted in 61% of the website traffic. A large part of the success of the website has to be attributed to the powerful creative presence of the HMAC team.

Brosenne says, “I am very proud of this award we received and am excited to share the success with our Hagadone outlets.” Take a moment to browse the website and admire the efforts of everyone involved.