Explore Malibu’s 23 MXZ – The New Dominator!

2020 is almost here and you know what that means – new boat releases! Back in July, Malibu boats announced the release of their boat, the Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ. Not only is this boat the first in a whole new 2020 lineup, but it has incredible features that are completely unmatched. 

Want to learn about the new dominator of wake boats everywhere? Keep reading below!

The Design

The Wakesetter 23 MXZ is unlike any other Malibu boat on the market. This boat offers a large size, as well as a ton of new and exciting features that will get your entire family excited about boating on the water this coming season.


As mentioned before, the size of the 23 MXZ Malibu boat is larger than ever before, with 23 feet of space from bow to stern. It seats 16 comfortably, so it will easily fit all of your friends and family for a fun day of watersports.


The 23 MXZ comes with a long list of new and exciting features, some of which have never been seen before. Below is a brief overview of those features in detail:

Increased storage

The storage on the 23 MXZ is completely unmatched. This boat has the batteries stored in the bow, which opens a ton of storage space in other compartments. It also has unique hinges on all of the seat cushions to allow for more, deeper storage. This is great for storing coolers, large towels and swimming gear, etc. The boat also boasts adjustable and customizable seating options that allow for both front and rear-facing, as well as hideaway table features and arm rests.

State of the art technology

2020 is the year of advanced boating technology! The 23 MXZ offers tons of new technology, unique to this Malibu boat. Not only is it wifi-enabled but it also includes:

Wireless phone charging centers to allow for passengers to keep their phones secure and charged throughout the day.

A foot down swim step to assist swimmers with getting back on the boat. This feature is great for dogs too!

A transom bar that doubles as a handle. This helps swimmers steady themselves when stepping back onto the boat.

Updated speaker placement that leaves room for head space and makes the functionality of the design more efficient.

A unique tower with integrated board racks, tow points, bimini, and speakers.


Not only is the storage and technology completely unmatched on this Malibu boat, but so is the performance. With fully-customizable wake settings, any rider beginning or advanced can enjoy the water. There is also a new back up camera option that can be used by the operator, to ensure the rear is clear before starting the engine or to watch the rider. 

Test it out!

What do you think – sounds pretty amazing, huh? That’s because it is! The 23 MXZ is the best wake boat on the market right now and while it sounds great on paper, it’s even better in person.  If you’d like to test this boat out for yourself, look no further than Hagadone Marine. We are the Northwest’s largest on-the-water boat dealership. We offer the finest new and used boats of all types, including the new Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ.

So what are you waiting for? Come by our marine center today and see why this boat is the best option for you and your family!