Dry Stack Boat Storage: What Is It And Why You Should Consider It

Dry Stack Interior
Dry Stack Interior

If you’re like most boat owners, then you probably don’t have enough room to store your boat at home. You may have thought about storing it in a marina, but that can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that there will be space available when you need it. A better option might be dry stack boat storage. This is a relatively new type of storage that is becoming increasingly popular because of its many advantages over traditional wet storage. In this article, we will discuss what dry stack storage is and why you should consider using it!

Dry Stack Storage Explained

Dry stack storage is a type of storage that is designed specifically for boats. Unlike traditional wet storage, which involves storing your boat in the water at a marina, dry stack storage keeps your boat out of the water and on land. The boats are stored on racks, which allow them to be stacked on top of each other.

While it may seem beneficial to have your boat already prepped and in the water, most Dry Stack Storage facilities offer service to have your boat in the water and ready for you when you are ready to use it in addition to many of the other benefits that dry stack storage brings to the table.

Advantages of Dry Stack Boat Storage

There are many advantages to using dry stack storage over traditional wet storage, including weather protection, concierge service, 24/7 security, convenience, and overall availability.

Weather Protection

One of the biggest advantages of dry stack boat storage is that it protects your boat from the elements. Whether it’s sun, rain, snow, or ice, your boat will be safe and sound on its rack. This is especially important if you live in areas with extreme weather conditions.

In areas like North Idaho, this will remove the need to have your boat wrapped for the winter months, and the wear and tear that leaving your boat in and out of the water can cause.

Concierge Service

Another advantage of dry stack boat storage is that most facilities offer concierge services. This means that someone will be available to help you with anything you need, whether it’s launching your boat, fueling it up, or making sure you’ve got lunch ready for your day out on the lake.

This is a great perk for those who don’t have the time or the knowledge to do everything themselves. It also takes a lot of the stress out of boating, so you can relax and enjoy yourself!


Possibly the best benefit of housing your boat in dry stack storage is the security that most facilities offer. Because the boats are stored on racks, anyone looking to steal or vandalize your boat is out of luck.

You can rest easy knowing that your boat is safe and sound, even if you’re not there to watch over it.


While marina slips can be limited during boating season,  dry stack storage facilities usually have plenty of space. This means that you’re more likely to get a spot for your boat even when all the marina slips are already filled.

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Dry stack boat storage is the best way to protect your investment and keep your boat safe. If you’re interested in learning more about our dry stack storage facility or would like to reserve a spot, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!