Axis vs. Sanger — Why we love Axis boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing

When you’re searching for your next wake boat, you’ll probably be doing a lot of research, trying to figure out which boat best suites your needs for riding on Lake Coeur d’Alene (or wherever you hit the waves!) We’ve compared two popular brands, Axis and Sanger to find the best wake boat:

  • Waves
    Isn’t that what surfing
    and wakeboarding is all about? For those who don’t get the benefit of a natural wave crashing along a coast, the next best thing is a perfect wave behind a boat. The Axis creates a pocket that is incredibly long, and the wave faces have a steepness and power that we just don’t see in other boats. We’ve had a little trouble with Sanger boats in the past, because the boat needs to be balanced to keep the wake dialed. Sanger boats can generate a big wake, but we’ve had trouble keeping a steady wake.
  • Customizability
    Different riders love different waves. That’s another place Axis boats come out ahead. From the get go, Axis wakes are easy to
    customize and configure, so riders of different styles and skill levels can enjoy the same boat on the same outing.
  • Design
    Axis boats have been called the utility vehicle of wakeboats. It’s open, with lots of seating, perfect for a large crew to hit the water and surf all day. Sanger’s boats have a smaller, boxier design that don’t quite allow the movement and social setting that a group of friends would want on the water.
  • Price
    While you can always shop around for a good deal, we’ve found that Axis boats are generally the best deal for their size, power and design. While Axis boats might not have every bell and whistle, these are solid boats, and our staff (LINK: ) is able to help customers find the boat they’re looking for at an affordable bottom line.

When it comes to a wakeboarding and wakesurfing boat, Axis boats clearly come out ahead. From superior wave quality and customizability, to an open interior layout that leaves plenty of room for everyone, Axis are the best boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

What questions do you have about Axis boats? Stop by Hagadone Marine for the best On Water Experience. Check out our selection and test drive your new favorite vessel!