Annual Boat Maintenance Checklist

What does spring mean for boat owners?  Check out our springtime boat maintenance checklist for tips that will protect your boat and save you money.

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest. It seems like only yesterday we were shoveling snow, but pretty soon, we’ll be enjoying the sunshine on beautiful lakes in North Idaho. Some boaters have already started commissioning their boat for summer and completing spring maintenance so they can hit Lake Coeur d’Alene at the first sign of a warm day. The team at Hagadone Marine has been working with boat owners to help prep their boats for spring, and we encourage all boat owners to have annual boat maintenance completed each year before you head out on the water. There are several things you can do each year as you de-winterize your boat to save money. See below for our boat maintenance checklist of what you must do to commission your boat for summer.

A checklist for spring boat maintenance

Each year, you should complete maintenance on your boat. These steps will help ensure you don’t have to make costly repairs during the summer — when you really want to be out on the water! Each year, your maintenance team should:

  • Check the battery charge, clean any dirt and re-fill the batter with fresh distilled water
  • Test all electronics and lights
  • Check fluid levels, such as power steering and coolant, and change the oil
  • Inspect the gas tank, fuel lines and engines for leaks, rust or cracks
  • Ensure you have all your boating safety gear — floatation devices, up-to-date fire extinguishers, proper licensing and registration, flares, whistles and horns
    • If you’re not sure what to keep on a boat for safety check out our Water Sports Safety Guide
  • Check belts and other engine components

Why complete annual maintenance early?

You may not be thinking about getting out on the water yet, but you SHOULD be thinking about completing your annual maintenance and de-winterizing your boat. Spots at local shops like Hagadone Marine are filling up fast, and you don’t want to have to be doing work on your boat or trying to squeeze it in to a time at the shop when you really want to be out on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

How can I get my boat maintained?

It sounds like an overwhelming task, but there are several ways to make your annual boat maintenance manageable.

  • Plan ahead and get in early
  • Participate in winter storage/service deals with your local marine shop to make getting ready a no-brainer for you
  • Check out deals like Hagadone Marine’s Quick Launch Club that provide services like indoor winter storage and quick-access summer storage, fuel discounts, reserved parting and marina concierge services to make your summer a breeze!

The time to book your spring maintenance is NOW! Don’t wait for the sunny weekend. Contact Hagadone Marine to schedule your appointment today.