4 reasons winter is the best time to complete boat maintenance

Winter is the best time for annual boat maintence


As the weather cools and you begin donning jackets and hats, don’t forget about your boat. Winter is the perfect time to complete annual maintenance on your boat. Here are four reasons why:

  1. You’re already not using it
    In North Idaho, it can be downright miserable to be out on the water in the winter. With winds, snow and a lack of sun, it’s much more fun to indoors! So since you’re not planning on using your boat anyway, winter is a great time to have routine marine maintenance done!
  2. It’s in storage
    If you’re storing your boat in Hagadone Marine’s indoor storage facility (LINK:https://www.hagadonemarine.com/storage/ ), it’s easy for our staff to complete routine maintenance, all while ensuring the safety of your craft. And if you’re storing your boat with us, we’ll even pick it up in the fall and drop it off in the spring.
  3. Be ready when the sun comes out
    Don’t wait in lines or take extra time to change fluids, run a fuel check or look over pumps and gauges. Instead, get this kind of annual maintenance during the winter. You won’t be vying for limited spots at your service provider — you can bet at the first sign of sun, people will flock to service providers like Hagadone Marine to get their boat services. Instead, be ready on your own schedule. You never know when the first nice day will be!
  4. Don’t neglect your investment
    Don’t forget that your boat is a big investment. You probably spent a lot of time and energy to find the right boat — don’t let that all go to waste by not maintaining it! Winter is an easy time to get this done in North Idaho, and it’s a simple way tin ensure your boat stays in ship shape for as long as possible. This helps maintain the resale value as well!

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